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Thank you all for your good words.

It was our wonderful pleasure to have served you well!

They appraised the coins my husband he had collected throughout the years.

We were moving and I did not want to move my husband's coin collection (again) as it was extensive and costly on insurance.  I contacted Johnson, Inc. and arranged to meet them at my sister's house because I live in South Florida.  They were on time and very professional and polite.  They spent approximately 5 hours (2 appointments) appraising the collection.  They were very thorough and provided me an appraisal and bought them on the spot.  They were thorough and they knew what they were doing and I would recommend them to anyone seeking an appraisal/buyer for coins.

Kristyn R.

Orlando & Miami, FL

Assessed my coin collection and provided me with pricing and eventually bought the coins.
They came to my house as scheduled and was very personable and professional - we sat around our dining table and talked for quite a while. They were very efficient in they review of my coins and I believe the price she gave me was more than fair.  I would recommend this company to anyone who has silver and gold coins that they are looking to sell.  
Pat B.,
Orlando, FL

Very happy with results.. they were very good and honest.. Highly recommend.

Llyod P.

Lutz, FL

It worked out really well. They just seemed to be honest and they were on time. There were no hidden charges or anything like that.

Mike G.

New Port Richey, FL

She apprised some paper money and some coins. Also some gold and silver jewelry. I was very pleased. She Personable, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend her to other consumers.

Trudy M.

Tampa, FL

They were pleasant and informative.  gave me a total price and pointed out some sets that had a value that surprised me. In total she spent a good hour and a half working on the coins, and really impressed me. 

Tom F.

Tampa, FL

Ms. Johnson arrived on time and gave a very professional analysis of our coin collection.  When she 
completed heevaluationshtold ushwoulpurchase the collectioif wwished tsell i(which w
did).  Ms. Johnson was personable and easy to work with.  We would definitely recommend her services.
Patricia M.
Weeki Wachee, FL

Great.  They are knowledgeable and fair.  Good result for me.

Jeffrey S.

Pass A Grille Beach, FL

I scheduled an appointment that was convenient for me. Had this company come to my home and examine coins. They arrived on time and explained their appraisal process to me. Within an hour, they gave me a value for my coin collection. I agreed to their price. They wrote me a check and the deal was complete.
What a pleasure to have an in-home coin appraisal.  I would definitely recommend them to others.

Julie D.

Poinciana, FL

I had a bunch of old coins and paper money that were kind of passed down the family, I did not know if it was worth anything or not, so I gathered it all up and the lady that came from Johnson, Inc., Gold & Coin Collection Buyers looked at all of it and told me that I did not have the million dollar coin that I hoped, unfortunately, but she was able to tell me the stuff that was rarer than others and actually offered to buy my collection if I was so interested, which I did not do. She was able to give me a price on the stuff and tell me what it was worth, so it was an appraisal.

Cathrine W.

Bartow, FL

Good service.

Nick P.

Winter Springs, FL

Prompt, courteous and purchased my coins for a fair price.

Donna T.

Land O' Lakes, FL

Called to make an appointment. They interrupted their plans and came to our home within 2 hours of calling. They appraised our collection explaining the process as they worked. Some coins had value beyond their face value while others were valued for their metal content. Some were returned as spendable. We felt comfortable that we received a fair price for the collection and really appreciated her honesty and coming the same day we called.

Dannie F. 

Winter Garden, FL

It was very good. They came on time, they sat down and went through all of the coins. There was a lot of coins and they gave us the price if we wanted to sell them.

Lynne L.

Palm Harbor, FL

They arrived on time. Very pleasant and professional. Explained what they were going to do and how they determined the value of the items. Made a fair and reasonable offer. Very pleased with the entire experience. Would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Joyce V.

Spring Hill, FL

Thorough and friendly evaluation of coins which were sorted into spend as ordinary money and  coins worth something - given evaluation of value - we elected to sell - this was such a pleasant experience that i could not consider going through it again with anyone else

Patricia L.

Clearwater, FL

Assessed the worth of coins I had inherited.

She was great. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She even answered an email inquiry after the appointment.

Jenny E.

Largo, FL

I had an emergency, but the markets were closed.  Suzanne was in the middle of a major move and was unable to help through her own business, but took the time and many phone calls to set me up with another dealer who was able to help me on Saturday.
I really cannot say enough about her friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness.
She definitely exceeded my expectations!
I would recommend her highly.

Richard U.

Brandon, FL

Suzanne was able to come, as it turned out, the next day. She was right on time, very personable, and professional. She gave a fair and reasonable appraisal. We were very satisfied and we will definitely use her services again.

Mary J.

Sarasota, FL

Assessed some old U.S., Foreign Coins and old Jewelry for trade in value for meltdown. Suzanne was great, came to my home, saving me lots of time running around looking for appropriate Dealer for various items.
Barbara D.
Seminole, FL
It was great. It was for a good hour or maybe even two hours because I have quite a few coins. They went over coin by coin while consulting their books. They made me an offer on the collection that I found very reasonable. I would highly recommend them!
Susan F.
Clearwater, FL
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